Oroville Dam Crisis

By Antonio Nunez and Tino Hernandez

Throughout recent weeks, the state of California has been the topic of discussion for many news outlets. Though this time not because of its various attractions but because of its major crisis concerning the Oroville Dam, one of California’s major “tourist magnets” is in danger of destruction.

This huge incident commenced a few weeks back, when water began to enter the dam through creases created within the concrete. This incident threatened to become a disaster and let out a great sense of danger after a hole was encountered inside the spillway. A few days later water levels rose above expectation and therefore caused an immediate use of emergency spillways, something that had never occurred before. Residents were urged to evacuate for the failure of this great dam could completely annihilate entire communities. The Oroville Dam is known to be the tallest in the nation having measured at 770 feet, a failure for a spillway of this magnitude could without a doubt be catastrophic.

Approximately 200,000 Northern Californian residents have been urged to evacuate due to this disaster and the amount is expected to increase as time goes by. The Oroville Dam Crisis continues to increase in size and in danger expectancy. It is up to California officials to take action in this life threatening situation and make an attempt to avoid the expansion and downfall of this great dam. Several reports conclude that the Oroville Dam Crisis is expected to expand in danger due to the fact that it was built upon bedrock, which is a very weak material and cannot withstand such measures.    
Despite everything being said not all hope is lost, California officials have immediately come up with an emergency plan to avoid anymore damage. They are forced to create an alternative spillway as an emergent substitute for the already damaged one and believe this will at the very least weaken the water power.

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