4 Frightening Movies to Watch this October

By Alexyss Ortiz and Melanie Mercado

October is the month of everything scary and mysterious. It’s the month when you have an excuse for looking scary in the mornings and of course the month when you can dress up as your favorite characters. It’s especially the best time to stay home and watch scary movies while you cower behind a pillow or a bucket of candy. So for the sole purpose of giving you nightmares we have created a list of movies that will make you wish you hadn’t watched them at all.


Nightmare On Elm Street

When several people are chosen by a murderer that kills them in their dreams, a group of survivors try finding out why they were chosen. The murderer, Freddy Krueger, seeks revenge on a group of kids whose parents had burned him. Watch to find out if he’ll succeed in his search for justice.



Scream is about a serial killer loose in the small town of Woodsboro. There are four movies about a masked killer that goes around murdering everyone and taunting them with trivia questions. Will they ever find out who that killer is?


The Strangers

This movie is inspired by true events. A couple goes on a solo get away, only to discover that what was supposed to be the best day of their lives becomes their worst nightmare. A mysterious family of three comes in and ruins everything for the couple through mental and physical torture.. Little do the couple know that an innocent looking family will haunt them forever.


The Exorcist

A classic movie based on a possessed little girl and her frantic mother seeking help from two priests. When the priests decide to exorcise the demon that’s possessing the little girl, Regan, one of them is dismissed from the exorcism after showing weakness from the demon putting his life in danger. The exorcism continues and is somewhat successful in removing the demon from Regan’s body but the demon sticks around by possessing the priest’s body instead. 

The Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Strangers, and The Exorcist will give you the thrill and scare of your life. With this list of movies we assure you that you will want to keep the lights on as you sleep. Let’s just hope that we all have a safe October free from any masked murderers, burned and sharp nailed murders, and demons.

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