There’s A New Principal In Town: Mr. David Basile

By: Jocelyn You

Photos by: Kristina Ching

David Basile, owner of the Tustin Round Table Pizza, is taking over Tustin High for the day. Claiming Mrs. Matos’s swivel-chair as his own and making the campus his home for a few hours, Mr. Basile sets out to explore Tustin High.

Tustin born-and-raised himself, Mr. Basile knows each street and quirk about the community. Having a business that is “more than half the time outside of the actual establishment itself” and more in special events all around the city, Mr. Basile is heavily involved with the community- and he’s making it a point to support local schools such as Tustin High.

The support that Mr. Basile offers Tustin is what gave him the opportunity to take over the campus for the day. Mrs. Matos, principal of Tustin High, considered him a great asset to the school and offered the opportunity to Mr. Basile with pride. Willing to step up and experience something new, Mr. Basile accepted.

At Round Table, Mr. Basile goes through the “strict process of training the employees and keeping a good-intentioned work ethic,” proving that the intense regimen he embraces is what makes him fit to be principal. By following the rules and keeping everything in check, everyone is “safe and sound” in their environment- something he considers when taking care of the students here.

Expecting to see familiar faces and an experience of the high school he never got to attend, Mr. Basile wants to see how high school students “have it on [our] end of the stick.” He understands high school students to his best ability and is especially welcoming to those at Tustin, claiming that they are some of his best supporters despite him being considered one of Tustin’s supporters.

Supporting the school is important to Mr. Basile due to his own memories of high school- “the sports, the social life, the friends, the good times.” With such fond memories, it is not a surprise that Mr. Basile is so willing to give back. He wants students to experience the same high school fun that he did, and being a supporter through his business does a lot for the kids at school. Everyone loves hot, fresh pizza- especially teenagers- and he wants to continue doing what he can for the community.

Mr. Basile is welcome on campus, especially due to his devotion and intentions to improve the community in any way he can, whether it be through pizza donations, or taking place as principal for the day. Being the best person for the job, Mr. Basile takes on the day with a smile.

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  1. Lani Jones says:

    If Mr. Basile is reading this….Hi Dave! Great to see you’re still a giver.
    PLEASE get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat (I’m sure one of the teenagers can help you out there 😉) or send me an email. Some of the ghosts from your Wherehouse past have been looking for you!

    Hope to hear from you SOON!!
    -Lani (Flynn Jones)
    lanimom at gmail dot com

  2. David basile says:

    Wow, I just got this 3 months later.
    Well you found me since this anyway!

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