K-Drama: She Was Pretty

by Jacqueline Martinez

Everyone loves a good television series every once in awhile, especially when we feel like our everyday routines are getting a bit bland. What better way to relax than sitting back and enjoying a good TV drama with a juicy plot and memorable characters. Not just any though, we’re talking K-Dramas. Korean television dramas, also known as K-Dramas, have been around since well, forever. As time has gone by, K-Dramas have been slowly but progressively making their way into foreigners’ hearts all around the world. K-Dramas are known to have some of the most unique stories that keep you on your toes till the next episode is released. They also hold some very interesting yet loveable characters. Late last year, the Korean drama She Was Pretty was released. Upon its release, it instantly captured the heart of thousands.


The storyline follows a young lady by the name of Kim Hye-Jin who has some very noticeable features about herself. When Hye-jin was younger, she was considered to be the prettiest girl of her class. Her kindness is later shown as she stands up for a small chubby kid by the name of Sung-joon. The two children later become very close friends as they come to realize that Sung-joon is Hye-Jin’s new neighbor. The two later part ways as they settle in adulthood. As Hye-Jin grew older her features began to closely resemble those of a fluffy bird nest. Despite her appearance, Hye-Jin always keeps her friendly and hardworking nature. After years of being apart, Sung-joon and Hye-jin decide to meet up. At the time of their meeting, since they’re both so caught up on finding their old selves, they end up walking right passed each other. To her surprise, Hye-jin finds Sung-joon but he’s no longer the same plump little boy she knew. Seeing he is now a handsome and successful fashion editor, she becomes self-conscious after realizing he doesn’t recognize her because of her appearance. In her mind, Hye-jin thinks it’s best to not meet Sung-joon and instead asks her attractive best friend, Hari, to pretend to be her. The plan works for the most part, but when Hye-jin gets hired at THE MOST publishing company she almost loses it when she sees that Sung-joon is the deputy chief editor there. As the story progresses, unnecessary emotions and conflict begin to arise. Hye-Jin’s friendship with Hari is put to its limits and when the time comes to tell the truth, not only could Hye-Jin lose her best friend but also her first love.

Not only was the drama widely popular but so was its soundtrack. The She Was Pretty soundtrack varies from the actors of the drama singing their own songs and even featuring Kihyun, a widely known member from a Korean boy group by the name of MONSTA X, in the song list. Probably the most well known song of the entire drama is Close To You by The Carpenters since the song itself plays a big role in the series. She Was Pretty takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with laughs and tears. The characters of the drama quickly became fan favorites as they are characters with very interesting stories, with some even holding double personalities. The drama series is only sixteen episodes long. If there’s a chance that you may want to watch it, a link is provided below where you can watch the entire drama online, for free and with English subtitles. Aside from its comedic view, the drama is also filled with many different plot twists lurking in every corner. This drama gives off a very meaningful message about achieving whatever dream you may hold dear to your heart. Though many funny things are said throughout the drama, there is also a lot of meaningful advice that is given. Kim Hye-Jin often mentions that perhaps the story doesn’t always follow those who stand in the spotlight and sometimes those who stand off to the side are the real main characters. Towards the end, Hye-jin says that we should all try taking a stand in the spotlight despite what we fear. Despite what anyone says, always know that if the spotlight is empty, there is no one stopping you from taking it on besides yourself.


She Was Pretty Drama – http://dramanice.to/drama/she-was-pretty-detail


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