The Few, The Proud, The Cheerleader

By: Clea Thomas

Laura Montealegre, a senior here at Tustin, has been on the Tustin Cheer Squad for all four years of her high school career. She can be found at school excelling in numerous advanced classes, at her job at Round Table Pizza giving 110%, or at any of the cheer events, but no matter where you see her, she’ll be a busy bee always hard at work.

Her inspiration to pursue cheerleading came when she first saw a stunt. “Once I saw the amazing stunts they hit, I decided I wanted to take part in that,” Laura explained. Some of her proudest moments as a cheerleader include making the Varsity team as sophomore. Since then, she became a co-captain her junior year. This lead her to the great moment of becoming a Varsity captain this year.

She hopes that before she leaves Tustin High, she will have a motivated team, willing to do anything and be better, and she sees their potential to do so. Montealegre believes, “If everyone was fully motivated, our skills would change drastically.” Her self motivation and determination is phenomenal. She is the type of person to smile after hearing the word “conditioning” and would never dream of whining, about anything. Laura is the type that keeps going, even after everyone else has stopped.   

After high school, she plans to join the Marines and just see where life takes her from there. Montealegre admitted, “It’s something not a lot of people would expect from a cheerleader, however it’s where I think I will fit best.”  She will be attending school through the Marines program. Laura Montealegre isn’t just a diligent, amiable, skilled, and fun-loving girl, she is also a hardworking machine that has an amazing skill set; and with these skills she will be extremely prepared for anything that life throws her way.



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