Tustin High Early Access Food Fair Menu

Hey Tillers! Coming up on Wednesday, April 1 we are having a food fair. For our freshmen who are unaware, the food fair is an annual event at Tustin High in which our clubs gather in the Plaza during lunch and sell a variety of foods to raise funds.  However, as any senior here can tell you, getting through the line for tickets, figuring out who is selling what, and actually getting into the lines that you want, takes up almost all the time that we are allotted. So, after working closely with Mr. Peay and ASB, our Food Fair is now new and improved. Tickets for the Food Fair are being pre-sold in the student store for 50 cents each, and below, you will find a menu of everything sold by the clubs, and an example of what the food may look like.

(NOTE: The food in the photos are not photos of the actual food being sold by the clubs; they are just examples of what the food will look like.)

AVID Club- Starbucks

Girls Lacrosse- Jamba Juice

Key Club- Mini Belgium Waffles with Ice Cream

NAHS-Nachos With Your Choice of Toppings

Surf Club-Walking Tacos & Drink

Max Love Project- Cotton Candy

Tiller Buddies- Hot Dogs

CHAP- Rice Crispies, Rice Cakes, Sweet Tamales

Choir/Glee- Mac & Cheese

Boys & Girls Volleyball- Ice cream Sandwiches & Root Beer Floats

Book Club- Boba

FCA- Lemonade

American Red Cross Club- Cream Pan Strawberry Croissant

GSA- Milk Tea

Cheer- Baked Potato

SOSA- Henna, Mango Salsa with Chips, Chocolate Bananas

Polynesian Club- Hawaiian Bread, Spam Masubi, Pork Sliders

Image result for spam musubi

Latin Club- Italian Soda Slushies, Bruschetta

Anime Club- Strawberry Shortcake and Fried Rice

Just Serve- Brownies

SADD- Otter Pops & Push Pops

French Club- Nutella Crepes

K-Pop Club- Korean cookies, Korean cake roll, Banana Milk

Here we are Tillers! I want to give a special thank you to Mr. Peay and Olivia Lee who devoted a lot of time and effort into getting us this information. Remember, these pictures are just examples of the food, not exactly what you are buying. Buy as many tickets as you can before the fair so you don’t waste time in line because remember, the lunch period goes quick, and once that bell rings, its all over. Don’t waste time waiting for tickets when you could be sinking your teeth into our clubs delicious meals. Have fun Tillers.

NOTE: If your club is not on this list, contact Clay Miller through his school email and he will update.

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