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By Jair Martinez

We can all agree that one of the best things about video games is the music. Whether it’s from the old, classic games like Super Mario Brothers, or more modern ones, like Uncharted, the music makes the gaming experience much more exciting and is the very reason why THS Music Tech students are creating more music than ever.

Angel Camacho and Jared Castorena created the song ‘Roidzoid’ which was, in Angel’s words, “…based off a video game called Castlevania, but it was also kind of a remix of modern and classic video game music.” Although the song was created to sound like it belongs in a video game, “We also took some inspiration from movies and anime to help give this song a more epic or action sort of feeling” explained Jared.

The creators of the song ‘Boss Battle Lv1’—Nathan Warren and Eduardo Nunez—went a different direction while creating their composition. What they figured was that, “Since we both like games, we were wondering what we could make together and since we both like different types of gaming styles that we enjoy, we decided to put our heads together and create one song combining these two styles” stated Nathan Warren. Although, they didn’t really have a specific game in mind as Eduardo Nunez explained, “We wouldn’t say that it’s a tribute or a copy of an existing gaming song. We just tried to create a style that combined the two styles that we had in mind, which were arcade and modern gaming music.”

The third composition, ‘Puyo’, created by senior Sean Fahy, who also shares a passion for video games, went a similar direction as Angel and Jared. As he described the composition, he mentioned that, “The idea was to create a song which, when you hear it, you can tell it belongs in a video game.”

When listened to, you can tell that these songs were created by true gamers. Their compositions have a certain style that makes you think of video games like ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘OverWatch’, ‘Castlevania’ of course, and so on. If you are a gamer, give them a listen, you are guaranteed to be reminded of your favorite video game, and if you’re not, just remember, music has a unique way of connecting with the listener—that could very well be you.

Roid Zoid

Puyo Project

Boss Lvl 1

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  1. Roy Aldridge says:

    That’s real neat, music tech huh. I have a couple friends myself that are DJs or producers and use Logic Pro. Good choice of tech.

  2. Henry Corona says:

    how can I get into this class

    1. ithsmedia says:

      Ask the teacher of the class about it for more information, or another student who is in the class, or mark it on your course selection sheet for next year. 🙂

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