This Golden Record Is Now Available To Humans

By Jair Martinez

Thirty years ago, NASA scientists launched the famed Golden Records, into space, intended to communicate the story of our world to extraterrestrials. This record includes pictures and sounds that, if found by an intelligent alien civilization, will help them understand the human race. For years, the only people who would be able to own these records were extraterrestrials, until now.

The committee, chaired by the famous physicist Carl Sagan, decided that the records will contain the sound of wind, rain, whales, birds, the brainwaves of a woman falling in love (that of Sagan’s not-yet-but-soon-to-be second wife Ann Druyan, a writer who met Sagan while working on this project) and spoken greetings from Earth in 55 languages—all that in order to give extraterrestrials an idea of what life on Earth means. Also, if aliens ever find and figure out how to play this record they’ll discover the sounds of Chuck Berry ripping into his guitar, the magnificent thundering of Beethoven, and the mournful longing of Blind Willie Johnson moaning the blues.

The chance an alien could find these records is just on the horizon because Voyager 1 has a better chance of encountering some sort of intelligent life due to the fact that it has already left our solar system, unlike Voyager 2 which has still yet to make its way out of our solar system. Although the chances of aliens actually finding these tapes are rather slim, many scientists will agree that launching this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life on this planet.

A Kickstarter campaign by OZMA Records raised more than $1 million to issue a limited number of copies of the record on vinyl. The campaign was such a success that the company has decided to release copies of the record to the public.

The first records, complete with the sounds and images, will go out at the end of January in a limited edition box set to be issued by record distributor Light in the Attic. The pre-order cost $50 for anyone seeking to hear a riff of what could potentially instigate communication with intelligent life.

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