A Thrilling Game Called CupHead

By Antonio Nunez

These past few  weeks, a new but relatively “old school” video game has completely amazed the gaming world. With a sort of retro aspect and gathered inspiration from the late 1930’s, Cuphead has been the non-stop topic of discussion. Its amazing storyline and gameplay graphics has placed it on the very top of the gaming charts. Cuphead consists of two characters—Cuphead and Mugman—and both characters make a bet with the devil and end up losing their souls. They then attempt to obtain their life by defeating obstacles and villains, or better known as bosses, which lead them to the triumph of regaining their spirits. Despite its amazing success, what truly has impacted the audience and given the game the recognition it deserves is the incredible story behind it.

Two brothers, by the names of Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, had the brilliant idea of creating an electronic video game purely based on and inspired by cartoons from the 1930’s. This was a dream they had for quite a while and they intended to achieve it. Having the skills and knowledge required to create their own video game, but insufficient funds to accomplish their desired goal, they were left with no option but to take a huge risk. They sold their only home, knowing perfectly well this could backfire badly, and used the money to begin the creation process.

They published their first trailer and the general idea of their creation in June of 2015, promoting the release of the video game in early 2016. Having not much room for heavy spending and with the inspiration of their favorite 30’s cartoons, they animated the entire game by hand, sketching and drawing out every single detail just like in the 1930’s. As a result, the postponing and rescheduling of the original release date was imminent and also served as a catapult to promote their electronic game.

As confirmed by the brothers, the game is a combination of their best-loved animations, which inspired the creation of a vast amount of their characters. For instance, the formation of our protagonists, Cuphead and Mugman, is purely inspired by Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit.  One of the bosses in the game, or villains, is intended to represent Woody Woodpecker.

Despite all the struggles and obstacles MDHR Studios have came across, they managed to gain the strength and bravery needed to take a risk as big as theirs. They pulled off a highly dangerous stunt and they are now benefiting from the result.

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