No Pity for the Unpermitted

By: Eean Garcia

If any students have noticed a parking permit violation slip on their cars in the past couple of weeks, these slips should not be taken lightly. Each of these notices are being recorded by the administration.

If you have not gotten a parking permit, it is important that you get one as soon as possible. If you do not, you are risking getting ticked, towed, and losing your privilege at parking at school as a whole.

Many of the students who did not buy parking permits due to lack of enforcement in previous years are now suffering because the number of parking permits that can be sold for our school has reached its maximum. Even if there are open spots when students arrive at school, the administration has said that this is caused by students who are absent and those who have not been caught using an invalid permit. Also, the timeframe for those spots opening up in from students that are using an invalid permit is unclear.

The administration is also cracking down on students who are reusing permits from previous years and giving them citations saying that they need a permit that is up to date so that they can park in our school’s parking lot.

However, there is still some hope for students to secure a spot in the lot. If you go to the student store and request to be put in on a waiting list for students that transfer out of Tustin High School.

In the case that students are not able to park at school, some locations that are available for parking are: along Orange St. (near the humanities building) and on San Juan St. (along the sports fields). BEWARE! These streets are affected by weekly street sweeping and students should park accordingly to the signs on each street.  Refrain from parking in the neighborhoods near our campus as these streets are not well lit in the mornings and there are no crossing guards to aid us in getting to the entrance near the science buildings when attending school and leaving school.

Remember to park smart and park safe.

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