Breaking the Social Ideals and Stigmas of Modern Rap

By Alec Nunez

The genre of rap, since its breakthrough into the mainstream during the late 1970s, hasThe genre of rap, since its breakthrough into the mainstream during the late 1970s, hasalways been shrouded in stigmas. The seemingly most prevalent of these stigmas being that rap is a violent outlet that promotes womanizing and drug use which, in turn, affects today’s youth. However, 2017 has seen an uprising of artists that are actively seeking to break this stigma and turn rap into a type of multi-genre. One of the most successful and widely renowned artists of this coalition is Witt Lowry, who has only just begun gaining stardom with his 2015 album Dreaming With Our Eyes Open. 2017 has seen an evolution of Lowry, showing his blatant increase in production value and passion exemplified in his newest album I Could Not Plan This.

Lowry’s new album continues his theme of preaching the truth and pain behind being a human. From heartbreak to death, I Could Not Plan This covers all bases of the human condition, an almost therapeutic composition of honesty and grief. Lowry’s music does not hide any of the pain behind the truth, it bears all the scars of life with this newest creation including tracks such as Last Letter, which  tells the story of his father’s passing and recounts memories of confusion and regret following his death in October of 2015. Other tracks such as Last Letter include Forgot About Me, telling the story of a previous romance between Lowry and an unnamed partner and the decay of their relationship.

“The deeper the trench the higher the peak” – Witt Lowry

Though the Connecticut-based rapper exercises the retelling of real and emotionally traumatizing experiences, Lowry provides a few songs that are the exception to his norm  to show fans he can dabble in the commonplace themes of high confidence expressed in the rap of today’s world. Songs such as these include Blood in the Water and Care Too Much, in which Lowry reminds his critics that he isn’t a therapist, but a musician who doesn’t take lightly to the typical hater.  Witt has proven to be a multi-talented artist who can inject any personality of his choice into his music. While he can be the savage rapper that society seems to love in other musicians, Lowry chooses to be a source of aid and truth to his fans that share the same strifes. Mainstream rap is viewed as harmful and violent with studies being conducted to prove this very point. Mainstream media, however, has neglected artists like Lowry who are actively choosing to heal people through their passion for music. I Could Not Plan This is only another step in Lowry’s trek to reach the hearts of millions and make them stronger people.

“The darkest nights make the brightest stars.” – Witt Lowry

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