By Camille Yost

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program at Tustin High School that is dedicated to preparing students for college. Not only is it a class, it is also a club that is run by Aileen and Arlene Peralta in Ms. Vandal’s classroom, room 703. The main goal of the AVID club is very similar to the AVID class; however, the club raises money for field trips, senior scholarships, and other opportunities that can be offered to AVID students, who strive to succeed.

AVID is a program that has helped many students at Tustin High School, including Aileen and Arlene Peralta, the club presidents. Aileen Peralta states, “I enjoy being in the AVID program and I want to be more involved, as well as  help out the seniors as much as possible.” The sisters have been in the AVID program for the past six years and wanted to dedicate their time into helping others succeed. Arlene Peralta says, “Seeing past AVID Club presidents and working by them has motivated me to step up and be confident that I can do the job. I enjoy facing challenges and taking responsibility because I know I am capable of taking charge.” As club presidents, they are doing a great job in supporting the AVID program and the students in their readiness for college. If you are interested in joining the AVID Club and the opportunities that it has provided to many students, the meetings are held every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Vandal’s room (703).

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