2017 Memes

By: Andrew De Haro

Teenagers find information in many different ways, including sources such as including sources such as television or the radio. There are many other ways teens can find global news, such as looking at different news outlets or through memes on social media. Social media has made it easier for teens to understand and process what’s happening in the world right now. These memes mock and act as satire towards the current situation in a humorous way.  


Some accounts on instagram post memes that relate to current world situations, such as when the presidential election was going on various accounts posted memes on each of the  candidate’s current electoral statuses. Memes can make it easier for teens to understand what happening in the world or when something occurs. When something like a terrorist attack takes place, for example, people make something funny out of it or say “pray for this country/person”.


Memes can be useful in many ways, they make you laugh, and learn about things or be exposed to real-world evils. There are four types of memes: Dank memes, Normie memes, regular memes, and useful memes. “Dank” memes make you laugh but also make you share and follow that person that posted it. Normie memes are considered “trash” and also pretty cringey. Regular memes give you a quick chuckle or smile and useful memes are used by some news stations to make you learn a thing or two from them


Teens use memes to relate to the post or share it with their friends and spread news or laughs. Memes can be funny and useful depending on your sense of humor and what you want to learn from them. In the future, memes will likely be the #1 source of news and people will use social media more.   


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