By EeanĀ Garcia

Whether you are looking for your daily dose of caffeine or you are looking for some late night dessert, Bardot Bars and Coffee is the one stop shop to satisfy your needs.

For any newcomers to Bardot, there are three must-try items on the menu, of course, their coffee, their true milk and/or matcha flavored ice cream, and their honeycomb egg waffles.

Not only is the coffee amazing and a great way to pick up your day, but you can also add a personalized image on your coffee. If you have a smartphone you can download the Coffee Ripples app off of your app store which allows you to put a personal image onto your coffee. In order for your image on the drink to be clear, I recommend that your image have a high contrast between light and dark colors. Once you have selected an image for your drink make sure your location is turned on so you can send the image to Bardot. I chose to get my image on a cinnamon latte although there are more options as to what can be printed on your drink.

My personal favorite item from this dessert dash is the matcha and true milk soft serve ice cream swirl with sprinkles on top. Not only is this sweet visually pleasing, it tastes just as good as it looks.

Overall Bardot is a bang for your buck combing luxury drinks with a late night dessert stop. Besides the food, the atmosphere in the cafe is very mellow and a great place to relax and get some homework done. My complete experience at Bardot would influence me to return because of their great tasting and low priced drinks and their peaceful work environment.

If you want to try the new sweet spot, it is located at 662 El Camino Real

Tustin, CA 92780, right near Tustin High campus. And if you enjoyed it as much as I did, be sure to grab a stamp card for your next stop at Bardot Bars and Coffee.


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