By Andres Segura

For 6 years, 2004-2010, the horrific and gory movie series “SAW” took us over. This year the craze is revived by the all new installment called “Jigsaw”. For those who haven’t seen a Saw movie, basically people are trapped with their lives at risk and have to find a way out. But there’s a catch, there is a time limit set and if they don’t make it by the time limit, they are killed in a horrific way.

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the movies: The story follows a man named John Kramer, who was diagnosed with cancer Instead of waiting it out and suffering a slow death, he decided to end his life quicker by attempting to commit suicide. Unfortunately for him he failed to do that, so he decided to test how much the human body can withstand. Not only that, he also wanted to show people the value of life by putting them in life endangering situations , thus turning him into the infamous killer (or saviour), Jigsaw.

Eventually Jigsaw was killed by a participant from his “game”, but the cruel punishments (or murders as some people will say) kept going on even after his death. This gets the attention of the police who then investigate who and how the “games” are still going on, even after Jigsaws death.

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