Finals Coding Club

By Eean Garcia

Finals Coding Club is run by Sishir Giri and its motive is to teach students at Tustin High about the power that lies behind their keyboard. Every club meeting is a new lesson that further teaches the club members the fundamentals of coding.

Students have learned how to write code for their own websites under the supervision of the club meetings. In the past lessons those who attended the club have learned how to do things such as changed the font, size, and colors of their websites. Along with writing your own code, the club teaches lessons on how to read other people’s code interpreting abbreviations and other code language.

Using an application called Atom, students can save and build upon their work on a week to week basis. The only thing that you need to attend the club is your school laptop so you can download the application. If you were to miss a session of the club, or now are interested and feel as if you are behind, each lesson is posted online so that no coder is left behind.

The founders of the Finals Coding Club have the understanding that computer programming is a career field that is growing 12% faster than any other career field. With this statistic in mind, the goal is to give students a basic understanding of what goes into how a computer functions and the process of how websites behave.

If you are interested in joining Finals Coding Club they meet in room 415 every Wednesday during lunch.


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