iPhone X

By Erick Martinez

The iPhone has been one of the most purchased smartphones of the 21st century. From teenagers to our grandparents, the iPhone is a must have. The newest of its kind, The iPhone X, will sport a brand new A11 bionic core memory, “the strongest” chip in a smartphone today. At an estimated price of $1,149, the new smartphone boasts a 5.8 inch full screen, with brand new features, including the absence of a home screen button. Experience the future that the iPhone holds November 3, or pre-order yours October 27.

While Apple might be celebrating over the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, the commentary on the iPhone X, is left to the buyers and critics. We know about the face recognition the iPhone X has, but many critics aren’t keen on this feature. It leaves them with doubt that it will work everywhere, such as places with low lighting or even in the event of a malfunction, but Apple quickly responded, debunking these concerns by saying the phone will have a type of night vision camera for dark places and very prestige facial scanning for the perfect scan every time.

This is not the only feature that Apple brought for us.   Apple Inc. recently released IOS 11.1., which has brand new emojis such as a giraffe, a zombie, and many more. Apple seems to have no limits to their production rate, and they don’t plan to “retire” anytime soon. With a lot of new projects, it is a surprise that they’ve brought two new iPhones—definitely something Mr. Jobs would’ve been proud of.

In today’s world, this generation has developed a mindset focused on owning the best technology out there, and Apple has given them just that—two new phones, new emojis, and one of the smartest pieces of artificial intelligence of the 21st century.

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