Welcome Dr. Tuin!

By Benjamin Rodriguez

Enthusiastic, kind, open-minded, caring, polite—this is just a short list of words that can be used to describe our brand new principal, Dr. Jon Tuin. Almost every morning before first period, Dr. Tuin is at  the entrance of school greeting Tiller students as they walk onto campus. If you don’t see him in the morning, you can catch him walking around campus during snack or lunch introducing himself and trying to learn every Tiller’s name.   

As a kid, Dr. Tuin grew up just down the road from Tustin, in Santa Ana. He attended Saddleback High School, then moved to Wheaton, Illinois where he attended Wheaton College. At this time, he decided he wanted to become a teacher. After attending college he became an elementary school teacher.  Following his tenure as an elementary school teacher, he became a K-5 principal. He then  took an assistant principal in the Elgin School District; in which he was principal for eight years, at Larkin High School.

To learn more about the new man on campus, the journalism class decided to hold a  press conference that addressed a few serious questions and, of course, kept a light feel during the interview. When Dr. Tuin was asked about how his administration would differ from Mrs. Matos’, he explained  the structure would be the same yet there will be  a different approach to that structure.  Although Dr. Tuin  does not plan to make any changes in the 2017-2018 school year, he  assured that he will do his best to maintain Tustin High School at its excellence by getting feedback from the Tiller family.

Dr. Tuin’s hopes’ however, were to bring more attention to the Fine Arts programs. Hopefully we will be able to see this in the coming years. Dr. Tuin described that he is gifted in maximizing people’s effectiveness and finding their strengths. Dr. Tuin explained that his motivation to become a principal was catapulted by his his love for seeing students learn; he wants to maximize students’ effectiveness and find their strengths to grow into mature adults. Dr. Tuin explained “ Really my goal this year is to listen; when I have conversations with you [guys], I want to ask questions and know what is working and what is not.”

We look forward to seeing what Dr. Tuin can do to improve our school in the future.

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