‘Meet the ATA: Halloween Edition’ Review

By Camille Yost

On October Friday the 13th, Advanced Theater Arts presented to Tustin High School a wonderful production of ‘Meet the ATA: Halloween Edition’ showcase. The ten different scenes captured both the spookiness and comedic takes on the holiday dedicated to the dead.

A notable scene, “Kev Burger” was about a couple who stopped by a burger place to grab a bite to eat; however, the restaurant had a terrible reputation because of a rumor that stated the owners held dead bodies in their freezers. According to Nadia Xiqui, a senior and ATA performer, “This was my favorite scene because the performers did a great job in portraying their emotions which had made the scene even more outstanding.”

The cast members did indeed go above and beyond with their performance, including Xiqui, herself, whose scene was about three young teenage girls who were absolutely terrified of the ghost in Ashley’s closet. The other girls were skeptical of Ashley; however, they eventually came to believe that there was an actual ghost in her closet. The ghost turned out to be friendly who only wanted someone to take care of her teddy bear. The three girls came to an agreement with the ghost, vowing to keep the teddy bear safe. The talented Xiqui stated, “I wanted to be a part of this scene because I love how there are a variety of emotions that are needed to be portrayed.”

This play was a one-night only event; however, there are more of these events to look forward to throughout the school year. Although I was not able to get a sneak peek into what they will be performing, it was confirmed that there are two more productions to look forward to. The Advanced Theater Arts program at Tustin High School is filled with talented young students who are passionate about their performances and have true talent.  

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