Tropicalia Fest: Tacos, Tigres Del Norte and Tons of Dancing

By Galilea Oregon

If you’re a fan of music and consider yourself an aspiring foodie you’ve most likely probably wished there was a way you could just combine the two in a glorious medley of pure entertainment and nothing but fun. If so, there’s an event tailored just for the music-loving foodie in you. I introduce to you…Tropicalia Music and Taco Festival, held at the Queen Mary Park in Long Beach on Saturday, November 11.

Picture this: an open venue in sunny Southern California, all you can eat tacos, and a soundtrack headlined by none other than the kings of norteño music, Los Tigres Del Norte, LA’s Chicano Batman, and Colombian rising star of R&B, Kali Uchis. But wait, there’s more—Tropicalia Fest has an astounding lineup of over 40 artists, ranging from up-and-coming British artist King Krule, known for his vibey music described as “punk jazz, hip-hop” to La Sonora Dinamita, one of the first cumbia groups to gain recognition across the globe. The beauty in Tropicalia Fest is that it holds a well-rounded and diverse line-up of musicians for anyone to enjoy, celebrating various cultures brought together by good food and good music

Tickets for Tropicalia Festival have been on sale since August 25, ranging from $85 for general admission (all ages) to $5000 for VIP Cabana admission ( 21+ only). An additional merch pack including a hat, tote, and bandana sells for $30. Although $85 may seem a bit pricey for the average broke high schooler, Tropicalia is an event you absolutely can’t miss, for there is nothing better than dancing along to cumbia, moshing to angsty surf pop, or even grabbing a partner to sway to a good old norteña, all while holding a taco in your hand. Buy your tickets now, here, and bask in delicious tacos and musica bien buena.

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