Frosh Volley Battles Marina

By Gigi Hume

“Bump it! Set it! Spike it!” That’s the way they like it here on Tustin High’s Frosh Volleyball team who utilized many a bump, set, and spike to make a nail-biting game against the Marina Vikings where our girls won one set.

Right off the bat, the Frosh girls Tiller’d up, starting with the strong serves from Mylene Molina (#5) that drove up the scoreboard within two minutes. But serving wasn’t Mylene’s only skill she brought to the table, as her bumps and close recoveries from low serves are ultimately what kept the score neck and neck for the first few fast-paced minutes of the first match. Also putting the ‘team” in teamwork were Ashley Verrall (#16), Allison Zamora (#1), and Pam Cruz (#12) who both mastered the serve of steel that kept the Vikings on their toes and the score inching higher and higher. Unfortunately, they fell just shy of a win with the final score being a close 22-25 by the end of the first set.

You think that stopped us? Then you don’t the Tiller way. Molina did more of the same by starting the set off strong with a series of tough-to-counter serves and equally strong bumps in response to Marina. But in this match a new serving star emerged—Victoria Shores (#6): The Girl with The Unhittable Serve. Almost every serve she forced into the air was either missed or just unattempted on the Vikings’ part which in conjunction with daring first bumps doubled the Tillers points while setting an admirable precedent for the play to come. Of course, they couldn’t have done this solo, and Charene Bailey (#3), Allison Zamora (#1), and Ashley Verrall (#16) were more than willing to take on the at times daunting task by reciprocating the challenge with solid spikes that kept the Vikings flopping like fish to the ground. By match’s end, this well-oiled machine of a team made the score a definitive 25-17 while making an excellent example on how teamwork makes the dream work.

Unfortunately, the girls fell short 9-15 in the final match wherein although Emma Vandal (#2) made a stunning showing in the serving department, it just wasn’t enough to clench the dubya. Overall though, the game was the definition of the tenacity that it takes to be a Tustin Tiller, and we here at iThsMedia are excited to see the feats these up-and-comers will eventually accomplish in the games to come.

Check them out for yourselves on Friday, September 8, in their game against the Rosary Royals in the Old Gym at 3:15.


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