XOXO, Galore Girl

By Gigi Hume

Hey Central Orange County-ers. Have I got the 411 for you—there’s a new it-girl on the block. Or should I say int-girl. One of my many sources sends us this: “Spotted at Galore Magazine, Macbook and composition book in hand: Jocelyn You.”

Was it only a year ago that our Tustin Alumna and former journalism student packed her bags and headed for the cosmopolitan that is New York City? And now, look at her, making a name for herself in the Big Apple as Galore’s freshest intern. Lucky for us, we got the one and only to divulge all the juicy deets about her new internship and how you can get one too. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Thanks for the proof, J.

Fresh out of California, she was looking to pursue her dreams of becoming Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 and she stumbled across the gig in true Bradshaw fashion—by chance. I first heard of the internship through a friend of a friend. I was at my first college party and ended up talking to a girl named Keely about why I’m in the city, and she told me to apply for an internship at Galore.” She continued, “The chief editor didn’t even answer my e-mail when I asked for the office address, but what I gotta say is you better find a way to make it happen. Giving up is not an option, so I bugged Keely until she was able to answer. She was in class, by the way. The editor was so impressed that I showed up on time (and half an hour early, at that), so punctuality is definitely a must. She asked me about my interests and experience with journalism and WordPress. She looked at my outfit and at my Instagram. Appearances do matter when working for a magazine, and how you present yourself says a lot about who you are.”


Good tips, J, but pause—why Galore?  

“Galore is about bada** women, and I love it. It’s what I consider myself to be, and it’s what I would want everyone who identifies as a woman to be as well. [Plus they’re] so chill! There isn’t a dress code, which I love because it allows everyone to express themselves without worrying about if someone is going to call them inappropriate or unfit for the job. The office is super pink with stickers all over the walls. I am really blessed to be able to work at such a trendy place!”


Bada** mags like some bada** credentials too, and there was no shortage on J’s end.

“I mentioned my internship at LOCALE Magazine and my experience as being fashion editor for The Pitchfork. I also mentioned the WJMC journalism conference that I attended after my junior year of high school.”


Not too shabby, if I say so myself, but Galore is not like any other corporation, isn’t that right?

“Usually interns get coffee and shred papers, but at Galore, you get to pitch ideas, write articles, and attend events. But always remember, interns are at the bottom of the magazine food chain. You work until you get what you want.”


Amen to that. Now, before I sign off, it’s worth mentioning that you did struggle with an identity crisis BG (before Galore). Any updates?

“For a while, I was debating on whether or not journalism was still my niche. But getting the internship at Galore has made me realize that even though there are times when I doubt everything about myself, I love what I love at the end of the day, and I know for a fact that I want to pursue this as my paying career. Catch me in a few years being editor of some dope magazine.”


I don’t doubt it. In honor of your newfound success, I’ll let you do the sign-off. Till you see her as Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue—


XOXO, Gossip Galore Girl




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