Mr. Williamson Followup


By Gigi Hume

Over a week ago, our beloved teacher Mr. Williamson passed away leaving behind a wife, two year old son, and hundreds of others whom he coached, taught, and supported during his time  on this Earth. Just in that one week window, the Thank You Mr. Williamson Facebook Page and iTHSMedia’s Google Form have been flooded with kind words and memories about the one who was our teacher, coach, counselor, and friend. To further honor his bright legacy, the Tustin community has organized a few mediums to provide an outlet for those who loved Mr. Williamson to support his family and the causes he so avidly championed in his life.

  • Mr. Williamson’s Memorial Service will be held on Saturday June 10, in the THS Sports Pavilion/Plaza at 6 p.m..  All friends, family, colleagues, students, and Tustin community members are invited to attend.


  • The I WILL Fund was created by the Tustin Public Schools Foundation and Mr. Williamson’s wife, Jay, to further support STEM programs all across TUSD by funding equipment purchases, participation costs, teacher development, and student scholarships.  


With his warm smile and affirming life lessons, Mr. Williamson, undoubtedly, was influential role model for everyone he came in contact with—from his students to his colleagues to his friends. Your support would be very much appreciated in this time and would be a great way to repay him for all the light and joy he brought to all of our lives.

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