What is the CAASPP?


By Camille Yost

AP Tests have come to an end, but we’re not finished just yet. This week and next week, students are required to take the CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) which has replaced the STAR Testing. This exam’s purpose is to monitor the progress of students and to assess their teachers. The testing dates are May 15, 16, 23 and 24. Freshmen and seniors will not be required to take the exam and will report to campus at 10:15 in the morning. On May 23, sophomores must report to their assigned classroom no later than 7:45 and juniors are required to attend all days.

The CAASPP is an exam that tests students in English, mathematics, and other academia. Although the scores do not count against your grade, the test will not only benefit the school and teachers, it will also allow the students to improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Another benefit is that the students who score a four on the CAASPP exams will not be required to participate in the CSU and CCC placement tests—they will go straight into college courses when enrolled into a college or university. Students who score a three will be encouraged to take appropriate courses during their senior year which will allow them to be able to go directly into college courses when enrolled. If you receive a three on the CAASPP exam, you would be considered ready, but not exceeded. This means that in order to be exempted from placement tests, you must get a “C” or above in your classes senior year.

Although some students view the test as pointless, it does have its inherent benefits. Not only will the exam demonstrate what teachers have done to expand and better the students’ academic knowledge, it will also give students the opportunity to better themselves in all academic areas. For more information about the test and how it is scored click here and for practice tests click here.


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