Principal Debriefing

By Zachary Apperson

This upcoming school year, we’ll have to say farewell to Mrs. Matos and applaud her on her new position as Director of Educational Services, at the Tustin Unified School District Administration Center. Replacing her is Dr. Tuin, with over 30 years of experience in education. He served eight of those years as a distinguished high school principal in Elgin, Illinois, at Larkin High school. While there, according to a TUSD News Release, “Larkin High achieved Platinum Status for exemplary implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) structures and systems – the only Illinois high school to achieve this highest level of recognition.” This achievement is exemplary of what dictates a TUSD principal and only raises expectations and excitement all around in regards to Dr. Tuin’s performance.

When asked about new implementations in the school’s administration, he kept an open mind, primarily claiming to be here on a “clean slate” and looking forward to “listening and building relationships” with the staff and students, as he holds them most important.

According to Jonathan Diaz, a junior here at Tustin High,  he can’t wait to “see all the changes [Dr Tuin] introduces.”  

Mrs. Vandall’s feelings are mutual, as she’s “excited for Dr. Tuin to join our Tustin family” and Mrs. Lane shares in the loss of Mrs. Matos, explaining she’s “sad to see Matos go,” but also excited for Dr. Tuin to continue to “highlight the awesome things Tustin does.”

Overall, students and teachers alike anticipate the arrival of the newest Tiller member and hope he’ll continue the good works already in motion here at Tustin High.


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