The Death of PBS


By Antonio Nuñez

As of late, the president of the United States has been the topic of discussion once again, and this time due to his participation in the possible death of the Public Broadcasting Service, or simply ‘PBS’. PBS is a widely known television channel that reaches out to children and provides them with quality educational programs that teach them about real life scenarios.

What has truly made this broadcast station unique has been its commercial free programing that allows the audience to enjoy their favorite shows without a single interruption. This is all made possible through U.S. government funding and the contribution of viewers, as stated at the end of every program. Now that Donald Trump has made his way into the White House, PBS has put themselves in a perilous position, as they have parodied the former businessman for years and have made a mockery out of his actions and words.

Despite PBS’ huge success and acceptance in today’s society, the channel that has been the foundation of childhood memories for millions around the U.S. is now being annihilated. This is all speculated to be an act of revenge by President Trump, due to the problematic history both parties have with each other. The president himself has begun the process to defund the show, and all signs lead to a probable victory for Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, one of America’s finest broadcasting services is coming to its end, and along with it, numerous quality shows. Most devastatingly, it is taking precious childhood memories as well.

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