The Road Ahead


By Yaire Alfaro and Alena Tran

Tustin High’s Class of 2017 is set to graduate on Wednesday, June 14. With only one month and 16 days left on the calendar, graduation looms near, evoking an array of feelings scrambled within an apprehensive senior’s mind. Perhaps, some of the senior class do not care about leaving, which is fine. The more pertinent question is “what comes after?”  For four years, high school has become a way of life. Difficult as it may be, it is important to have a plan for the upcoming years, and for many students, that plan is college and universities.

We asked a few seniors what their plans are after graduating and advice they’d give to juniors and underclassmen. Itzell Ruiz, who plans to go to college, says that she chose Cal Poly San Luis Obispo because “it has a beautiful campus with a great value in education. Also, it is far enough for me to be on my own and somewhat independent.” She also reflects, “If I had any advice for juniors, it would be to know what you want to study…and look into schools that have those classes or programs. Take [everything] into consideration, from a school’s diversity to education to location. Try to find a school that has what you [want] and not just for the ‘big name.’”

Maria Almeralla furthers this advice, noting that “although slacking and procrastinating is so common, try to avoid that. While still in high school, take classes you truly are serious about. Don’t take a class [you don’t care about] just because you want to impress colleges. You’ll regret it later. And remember to apply to all the colleges you want, even if you feel like you won’t get accepted—you don’t lose anything by applying.”

It is noteworthy that some seniors may not be attending college next year as other plans and routes can be just as valid. While college simultaneously enforces deeper thought and helps with job opportunities, it is not the only option.  If you still feel stuck at this point, it is important to speak to your counselor immediately. Ideally, we hope that everyone can reach a place where they are stable and content. Graduating high school is just the first step to a vast world of experiences and possibilities. To seniors, we congratulate and applaud your achievements. To juniors and other underclassmen, we wish you good luck.


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