Counselor in Training Summer Program

By Camille Yost

Responsibility and communication are important skills that are necessary to becoming a strong leader and influential role model. If you are interested in improving those skills, the City of Tustin Parks and Recreation is offering a Counselor in Training Program at the Columbus Tustin Activity Center. This program will allow teenagers to gain experience in working with young children. Not only will participants gain work experience, they will also gain community service hours. 

Some of the responsibilities for this program is to supervise young children during activities both on-campus and off-campus. Volunteers will also be in charge of organizing activities and games for the children along with interacting with the staff and parents. In addition to the activities, participants will also be responsible for demonstrating maturity and leadership. In order to be qualified, you must be able to work well with children and to have a positive attitude. The children really enjoy the company and will look up to you. Lastly, volunteers must be a highschool student and between the ages of 14 and 17 years old.

The application is due on Friday, the fifth of May. It must be submitted at the Columbus Tustin Activity Center and cannot be submitted online. Along with the application, a letter of recommendation and a 250 to 500-word essay stating why you would benefit the program is needed. Participants are needed to work Monday through Friday and about 20 hours per week. Applicants who are eligible will be asked to be interviewed during the week of the twenty-second of May. Those who have been accepted will need to attend a mandatory orientation on the ninth of June that will be held at the Columbus Tustin Activity Center.

This program is an opportunity that should not be pushed aside. Participants will have the opportunity to make relationships with new people and children and will gain work experience. If you are interested, you can find an application here.



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