That’s a Wrap For Girl’s LAX


By Gigi Hume

Picture by Ben Rodriguez

This past week the Tiller Girls Lacrosse Team experienced both ends of the win-loss spectrum in their home games against El Toro and Rosary. On Monday, April 24, after an hour and 20 minute delay due to a mix up in time, the Tiller Girls played one 12 minute half and 20 minute half as opposed to two 25 minute halves as a punitive measure against El Toro. Within that 42 minutes, sophomore midfielder, Zoey Beckwith (#17), scored 1 goal with a crease roll, but unfortunately that was the only one of the whole game—making the score 1-6 by the end.

Despite this tough loss and frustration over El Toro’s untimeliness, the Tiller Girls shook it off and came back strong against Rosary on Thursday, April 27, in arguably the most competitive game of the season. Immediately, sophomore midfielder Jasmine Candias (#13) gained possession off the draw and drove to goal. In the 20 or so minutes that followed, the girls utilized great teamwork skills from clean passes to settling on the 8 meter line. This in particular came in handy for sophomore midfielders Zoey Beckwith (#17), Joni Myers (#2), and Jasmine Candias (#13) who all scored goals—two for Zoey and Jasmine —using the crease-roll tactic or from an assist from another player. By the end of the half, the score was nearly neck and neck at 5-4 with the help of skillful blocks from freshman goalie Andrea Rojas (#23).

Feeling the pressure from an unprecedented close game as most games have higher point differentials—both in their favor and not, the girls went into overdrive. Jasmine Candias (#13) first scored two more low shots fairly early on in the half. Soon after, Joni Myers (#2) once again flexed her dexterity for driving up the score with two more swift bounce shots along with one after an assist to sophomore co-captain and midfielder Andrea Palma (#7) near the end of the half in the hopes of deflecting a draw game. With a strong, unrelenting defense led by junior goalie and co-captain Citlalli Mora (#15), the girls were able to do just that and fend off three goal attempts by the Royals, making the score a close 9-8 by game’s end.

This win was especially meaningful to the team as it was the girls’ last showing for their beloved coach and former Tustin Girls Lacrosse midfielder Reinalda Aquino as next year she move on to an assistant coach job for El Modena High School. With tears in her, and really everyone’s eyes, she professed, “[They] did amazing. I’m so proud of [them]. What a perfect end to this season. They really outdid themselves” Outdid themselves they did. Their final record is now 4-14—the second best record for Tustin Girls Lacrosse in the past 5 years. Now, the only way to go is up.

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