Tales From the Hive

By Kimberly Aguilar

The process of keeping Tustin High functioning smoothly requires the hard work and effort of everyone, from administrators to students—like bees in a hive. With this type of “busy bee” attitude we possess, it’s no wonder why this year’s edition of the Audion is appropriately dubbed “Tales from the Hive.” We—the people of Tustin High—come together on this campus as the ‘bees’ of the school, working to form a hive full of memories all in one book. Yearbooks have long since been an integral part of the high school fabric: huddling with your group of friends, signing, and laughing at the funny pictures are a part of any former high school student’s memory. The yearbook keeps the happy high school memories alive and despite common misconception, it doesn’t just apply to seniors leaving Tustin High soon. Every year of high school can be—and should be—documented, so that one day, you can look back and remember those great times. THS Audion aims to do just that. Since 1991, THS Audion works  hard all year, every year, to give students something worthwhile to hold on to. Having a copy of the yearbook guarantees you keep your memories at hand for life because, as Mr. Zamora says, “[i]t’s going to last far longer than Snapchat.” Pictures on your phone can get deleted and text messages can disappear, but the yearbook is hard-copy, so, no losing past messages and memories of special people you met during high school. Below, is a sneak preview of the Varsity Girls Volleyball page and there’s plenty more of interesting pages in it. Right now, the yearbook is on sale for $90 at Student Store and is available through the last day of school. Make like a busy bee and make sure to buzz over to get this unforgettable 2017 edition “Tales from the Hive.”


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