What is Success?

By Camille Yost

Throughout the years of our schooling, teachers and staff are always encouraging students to “become successful.” Many students are unsure of what this means since there are so many different interpretations of what success is—it can range from financial success to finding happiness through a career. Two of the most successful people I know have given me their input on what they believe success means.

Mr. Barry, a Pre-Calculus teacher at Tustin High, is an influential role model to his students and to me personally: he helped me figure out that I want to become an accounting major. His view on success is to have “financial stability” and to be able to “envision a present and a future of comfortable living.” Barry states that he would consider himself a successful person because he believes that he is able to provide for himself: “I make enough money and I have a financial plan to buy the things I need and enough of the things I want without having to worry.” Not only is he financially stable, many students would agree that he is an exceptional math teacher and someone who is always willing to help.

Whereas Barry sees success as being financially stable, Ms. Swanson, one of Tustin High’s counselors, views success as being able to find happiness and fulfillment. As a counselor, she encourages her students to “be linked” and “involved” with their school. Swanson states that she urges students to participate in CCR because it allows students to figure out what their strengths are and possibly find a career they would enjoy in the future. When asked if she would consider herself as a successful person, she stated, “Sure, but I am also striving to improve myself.”

Swanson knew that she always wanted to work with children, leading her to become a counselor so that she could guide students and help them find happiness in their futures. She is a devoted counselor who is always in her office and ready to assist the students and parents of Tustin High School.
Success is something everybody strives for whether it’s for money, happiness, or even both. The best way to become successful is to discover what you are passionate about and to dedicate every school assignment, test, quiz, or activity to achieving that goal. And once you have reached that goal, strive to improve yourself because there is always more room to better yourself and become even more successful in your career and in your life.

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