A Look Into a Geek’s Mind

By Jair Martinez

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away The Doctor arrived to the planet Vulcan in his TARDIS, only to realize that it was on the verge of imploding in itself. The Green Lantern Corps arrived to see if they could help but the Doctor knew it was hopeless. “This is a fixed point in time. This has to happen.” the Doctor said to himself as he sadly got back into his TARDIS and flew away, knowing this was inevitable.

If you were confused as you read the first paragraph, you might want to keep reading as I tell you about the people who completely understood it and what it means to them—the geeks. For all you non-geeks, have you ever wondered why we are so passionate about these fandoms? Whether it’s video games, comic books, science fiction books, or sci-fi movies, behind every geek, there is a story.

Usually, when someone sees a person wearing a shirt depicting a superhero or some other fandom, all that person thinks is “Wow, that person must really be into that fandom,” but in reality there is much more to the story than what meets the eye. For most geeks, these fandoms have an emotional connection to them. A person, who wishes to remain anonymous, elaborates on what it is like to have an emotional tie to the geek world:  

“I like these fandoms because I am trying to keep the memory of an old friend alive. I was like any average kid. Superheroes fascinated me as they do to any kid, but what made me like superheroes even more, than the average kid, was a special girl. She was the biggest geek that I have ever met, even to this day. She was the most kind and loving person ever. There wasn’t a single person that disliked her because she was just too kind to be hated. Anyways, it all took a turn for the worst when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 10. Sadly I wasn’t there to say goodbye because when she passed away, I had already moved to another state. But from that day on I made a promise that I would keep the memory of her alive by being the biggest geek there is. In my opinion, I feel like that’s what she would have wanted.”

Although, this isn’t always the case. Current gamer, Jorge Ramirez, comments jokingly, “I like video games because I have no life and they’re cool okay.” His point is that we all get something out of these fandoms. Whether it emotional or just for fun, fandoms make geeks feel better. Fandoms offer geeks a world of their own—a world where people can literally reach for the stars or have infinite lives with no consequences.

Geeks are usually the most underestimated—the less “popular” or unrecognized people. Keep an open mind when learning about people’s interests and don’t judge a person based on first impressions.

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