RACC Fair – A Sophomore Perspective

By Galilea Oregon and Gigi Hume

Class of 2019

Okay, we know you’re probably thinking about more “productive” things to do than read this letter such as a) play Tetris, b) do the homework you forgot about last night, or c) scroll through Instagram with your phone under the desk so that your CCR teacher doesn’t catch you, and as a sophomore, that sense of “Oh …. what am I gonna do with my life?” hasn’t quite hit you. After all, you’re 15! You’re probably just trying to get your permit, why stress about something that’s two years away? Believe us, we’re on the same page as you. It feels like life is hurdling itself at you a thousand miles per hour and before you know it, senior year smacks you in the face and along with it, the college apps and SATs. And that’s not including milestones in your life such as prom and all the other senior activities while, despite your best efforts, most likely managing a seemingly terminal case of senioritis.

With all this in mind, it’s probably a good idea to set the Tetris aside and get a head start by examining your options and planning for the future, which is all the more reason why the RACC Fair was informative and easy to understand for those who want to get a head start. However, in our honest opinion you couldn’t truly benefit from it unless you went to the plaza during lunch and asked questions. During the actual assembly, most kids were talking the whole time, so we couldn’t hear each mini-presentation except UNM (what an icon right) or the U of Arizona representative who kept imitating other speakers. Presentations like that, ones that related to kids through dabs, humor, and the promise of “3.0 getting you the dough” were the ones that really stood out among the student body and made college seem not as frightening, and even *gasp* kind of fun.

Of course there seems to be a few unanswered questions that the assembly didn’t really address, the most prominent being, “Why work so hard to graduate high school just to go to another 4 years of school?” And we have to admit, the RACC Fair wasn’t beneficial or informative for everyone, so don’t feel too stressed out if you couldn’t find any school that felt like the right place for you, or heck, if you have decided college isn’t the right fit for you after high school. YouTubers out here making $30,000 a year yo! After all you ARE a sophomore and college is, of course, three years away, you have time to decide what you think will make YOU truly happy in the long run. We feel like the RACC Fair was more of a sneak peek of what’s to come, so don’t stress it, dude, but at the same time it was a definite wake-up call. Right now, you may be feeling discouraged if your GPA may not reach the average a lot of these colleges brandished on their slides or that you haven’t been the most involved in extracurriculars but there again, the sophomore thing comes into play. You have 2 years to get it together so start turning in your Chem assignments, join Key Club and get that “3.0 so you can get that dough.”


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  1. Robert Schaefer says:

    While I agree that most people shouldn’t be worried about college because it is years in the future I do believe, however, that the RACC Fair was a great way to get a head start on what people want to do with their lives after high school. I found it informative to see which colleges had the major for the career I wanted to go into, and my friends and I were glad we went.

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