RACC Fair – A Freshman Perspective

By Ernestino Hernandez

Class of 2020

An amazing opportunity was given to freshmen through seniors on Wednesday, March 15. All Tustin High students went to a double assembly. We were curious about what the college fair would be or look like. Present for the second assembly with other young students in the new gym, we were given short and brief information from representatives from separate colleges. They informed us about the different locations of their schools and the benefits. As we headed back to our classrooms, the representatives were setting up their tables around the quad. We waited a few minutes and off we went to lunch.

During lunch we had the opportunity to go to different representatives to ask questions. The tables were crowded with students asking questions or listening to representatives explaining about their college. Each college had a flyer or a tiny book filled with information about the college; I was given some flyers as I went thru the tables. I don’t have an idea of what I want to be come in the future, but am still interested in going to college. In my opinion it looks fun and will be an enormous decision choosing a college that is out-of-state, however, there are students that have their doubts about leaving their hometown. On the other hand, there are students interested in going back to their birth state, just like me. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and I’m interested in going to my birth state to see if it has changed, and to relive memories that I had there.

Yet, it was an astonishing experience to be informed about the different colleges that this country has to offer. As a freshman, I can say this was a breathtaking moment.

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