The Weapon That Will End This Unsanitary War

By Jair Martinez

In this school alone there is an army of 34,108 pieces of gum stuck on the cement. This is a war that our custodians cannot wage without a trusty weapon. On February 22, 2017 Tustin High School’s InvenTeam presented their idea of a powerful gum-removal machine that will aid our hard-working custodians in removing the chewing gum that gets stuck to the floor and various surfaces.

In just the front gates alone—a seeming hotspot for these enemy soldiers there is an astonishing 17,000 pieces of gum stuck on the cement. Our brand new humanities building, which just opened this school year, have fallen victim to this issue as well—there are currently 939 pieces of chewing gum in the area. Our custodians tried their hardest to battle with the current gum-removal machine, but it isn’t powerful enough to face the rising numbers of chewing gum on campus.

The current gum-removal machine the custodians are using is not only ineffective but it’s large and difficult to maneuver. Now, the gum-removal machine that the InvenTeam is building promises to be much lighter, effective, and easier to use. Not to mention, it will be a smaller machine that’s easier to handle will utilize more potent substances to finish the job quickly.

At the end of the day though, as the InvenTeam builds this brilliant machine, us students can all do our part by making sure we throw away chewing gum in the proper container (the trash can) to keep our campus clean and lessen the workload of the InvenTeam’s upcoming innovation.

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