Deceased Body Found Near Freeway in Santa Ana

By Karimar Gatica

Orange County Firefighters attended a blazing fire due to reports of smoke near the Discovery Cube by the 2700 block of N. Main street near the 5 freeway around the time 5:45 a.m. The authorities used an electrical saw to cut through the hot bars separating the bursting fire in the large encampment and the perimeter surrounding it.

      The fire was then extinguished by the firefighters by 6:30 a.m. according to officer Alan Wilkes. The fire was too hot for the police officers to go in and investigate, but after the fire had vanished, investigators found a dead body. Authorities have yet to identify the dead body. The encampment was decorated and was even furnished with couches.

       The investigators then went around asking the homeless people who stayed near by if they had any clue of why the incident had happened. One of a less fortunate women named Elizabeth Almazan, 59, who had been homeless for three years stated, “ It’s an awful thing to happen to anybody” “It could have been accidental”. By the end of the day investigators still have no clue or any reason to believe the fire had been caused accidentally or not.“ There is nothing obvious that leads us to believe it’s a homicide but it’s too early to say,” said Santa Ana police cpl. Anthony Bertagna.         

It is such a sad sight to see. The less fortunate already having more misfortune. These homeless people already have no home and the fact that their encampment got destroyed is truly miserable. People should be thankful for what they have because at any moment it could vanish.

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