“Muslim Bans” in America

By Antonio Nunez and Tino Hernandez

In his first 100 days of presidency Donald Trump has generated a lot to talk about after having created various shocking and controversial revelations. One of his most popular being in which he states that “I Donald J. Trump, is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” this statement has not only been worded by the president himself, it is also a statement he has intended to convert into an executive action.

The current president has declared a ‘ban’ on 7 countries that are believed to be of Muslim majority, the banned country’s include names such as Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. This has taken many by surprise and offended many more, but as Trump moves on in this ‘legal battle’ in search of making official this disputable action, many have began to protest for they believe it is an unfair way to keep a religion out of the country.

Although many may believe this man is not at all wrong and view his declarations and actions toward these countries as a ‘good’ for the nation and a pathway to a ‘safer’ America. The truth is that these statements, and potentially soon to be executive actions, are downright unconstitutional, having violated the terms of the first amendment, among with many others, which recognizes religious freedom in the U.S.

Despite everything being said, President Trump claims this is not a Muslim ‘ban’ that it is a country ban and that he is doing this for a “safer America.” He has also made various claims in where he labels a few of the 7 banned countries as ones of terrorism and considers them a threat. It’s fair to point out that none of these countries have ever made an effort to attack the U.S..

All in all, the clock is ticking and Trump’s proposal to convert his highly argumentative statements into executive actions are being reviewed as we speak. Only time will tell if the judges decide to agree with him and lead the way to a violation of constitutional rights or put him down and continue to follow the structure of our founding fathers.


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