Bilingual Benefits

By Zachary Apperson and Genesis Montes

Do you know the benefits of a secondary language? Learning a foreign language opens opportunities for the individual in their personal endeavors as well as bettering overall cognitive abilities. In turn, this can affect other aspects of a student’s education, attributed to raising overall test scores. Many states promote the integration of foreign languages into high school curriculum by requiring various amounts of completed years in the same foreign language in order to graduate. Even languages such as Latin or Ancient Greek, dead and only spoken amidst pages of aging papyrus, contain copious amounts of benefits directed toward your health.

In an effort to disseminate the rewards of being bilingual, Tustin High’s own Mrs. Herrera-Olmedo, a Spanish teacher, opted for an interview and shares her thoughts on learning a new language. She insists that learning another language not only strengthens one’s mental capabilities, but acquaints them with various “cultures and perspectives” allowing “the student to be a global citizen with the ability to understand and interpret different perspectives.” She supports a multitude of languages and insists exploring the vast amounts available, as to learn any would make a difference in an individual’s education. She informs the students, “It helps with critical thinking and with reading because they will have to think more about a language apart from their own.”

Schools that offer a variety of languages for students, provide ample opportunity. Knowing more than one language can create less of a barrier between yourself and others and is universally promoted by scholars. Despite the numerous health benefits listed throughout this article, the most poignant is the interconnectedness formed by the understanding of one culture to the next attributed, first, to the learning of each other’s native tongues as a way to make the world a more cosmopolitan place.

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