Say Bye to “The Bye Bye Man”

By Yaire Alfaro

If you’re enthusiastic about thrillers and horror films, the newly released film, The Bye Bye Man, is NOT the right fit for you. The movie is directed by  Stacy Title and written by  Jonathan Penner; it was also released on January 13 and rated PG-13 (due to terror, horror violence, blood, and minimal sexual content,some foul language and teen drinking). Featured on the big-screen is Doug Jones, who is also well known for his role in the movie Hell Boy. In this particular film, however, Jones plays an evil spirit called “The Bye Bye Man,” who makes people commit unimaginable and horrific acts. When three young and educated college friends come across the unsettling origins of the Bye Bye Man, they discover that there is only one way to stay away from his curse: they need to repeat  “don’t think it, don’t say it.”  Admittedly, this film has an interesting back story. However, it’s not as scary as many would expect it to be. You do experience jump scares but only to a minimal extent. The movie’s communication between one character and another is uncanny, uncomfortable, and only obligatory to make the plot continue.
Overall, it received a three and a half rating on IMDB; according to Common Sense Media, The Bye Bye Man is  a “laughably terrible horror movie.”


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