Russia Linked to Rigged Election

By Tino Hernandez and Antonio Nunez

Throughout the past month speculations have been floating around concerning Russia’s participation in the results of the last presidential election, where Trump dealt an unexpected blow and triumphed against Hillary Clinton and her Democratic party.

Despite everything being said, these rumors are still only considered rumors, whether this information is truth or false is still yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, while everyone ponders about these shocking revelations, president Barack Obama has made sure that in his last few days of presidency the CIA cracks down on this case and assert the legitimacy of these news.

During the elections, Clinton seemed like the clear winner after having the majority of the states won, according to various reports, and Trumps chances of winning seemed like a long shot. Notwithstanding many opportunities which favored him as a winner, on the day of the elections, Donald Trump managed to turn the tables and won the election despite the media saying that he would be defeated.

Many did not coincide with this decision and thus began mass amounts of protests against the result. Many are still wondering how Russia manipulated the elections and what they did to contribute to Trump’s success. According to various news reports, Russia lent a helping hand towards Mr.Trump by hacking and revealing hundreds of Hillary Clinton emails, which affected her in an unfavorable way, and also participated in the spreading of rumors which undoubtedly weakened her chances to pull off a victory in the presidential race.

Although Trump himself has confirmed the hacking it is not enough to recall to these actions as an official happening. At the moment, the CIA hold the key to all of our questions and concerns and with only a few more days under the command of Barack Obama, it will be interesting to see if they can manage to crack this case and conclude all this “drama” once and for all.

Ultimately, there have been numerous speculations referring towards a possible impeachment. Many people are wondering if it can really occur and under what circumstances this action can take place. The answer is yes, impeachment is an option for Trump if the hacking come to be a reality. Although, there have also been rumors indicating Trump and his team were linked with Vladimir Putin and his Russian government before the elections were held. If these rumors are proven correct then Trump will definitely say good bye to his presidency for this will be considered a truancy and an act of disrespect towards the morals of the American government. In conclusion, Obama only has a couple of days left in charge of the country meaning that the CIA is being left with only a couple of days to step up and prove all these rumors wrong, or on the other hand, find him guilty and order his impeachment. Whatever occurs there is one thing we can guarantee, we will have an interesting few days coming up.

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