A Better Choir

By Camille Yost and Kimberly Ayon

Tustin High’s choir, directed by Mr. David Peay, has appeared in our assemblies and recently held several concerts. Something that sets our schools choir apart from other schools is that it doesn’t require auditions in order to join. Many singers will say that there is always room for improvement; coming from someone who was in choir, I would have to agree. The ability to allow just about anyone to join choir is a nice concept, however, it causes our school to lack where other schools thrive.

Students who attended Beckman claimed that their choir held auditions, as well as a beginners level of choir, and a more advanced level. This allows choir students to improve in their vocals at their own different paces. Tustin High choir student Alexis Young professed, “Beckman’s choir is better because it’s more productive and fun. They sound really good since they have the skills for it and they have what it takes.” She also agrees that there is room for improvement in Tustin’s choir stating that they could be better “if we can have more options, songs and genres. Also, teachers in choir could be more open with what they allow students to sing”, Young said. Another suggestion students in the audience have given was to increase the volume in their performances because they are usually unable to hear the performers voices.

While choir could have improvements, it is still a great program to enroll in. According to Young, it is great for people who have a fear of large crows or performing, “I’m a very timid person and singing in front of the school allows me to forget my fear of big crowds.”

Tustin High’s choir is filled already with talented students, however there are other talented students who refrain from joining the program due to the absence of auditions and separate levels for people who are more advanced. If these changes were made, more students would join, leading to a more powerful and skilled chorus.

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