Broken But Fixed

By Yaire Alfaro

Why did I like you?

You are evil and cruel.

All you do is put me down.

Yet, I always try to get your approval.

Why did I stay as long as I did,

After the nights I cried myself to sleep?

The days I sat alone.


I saw you kiss other girls.

Still, I gave you my heart,

Every last part.

Now what do I have?





I wish you would have loved me the way I loved you.

You always said that no one will hurt

Me as long as I was with you.

Yet, you’re the one that hurt me and

Used me.


I am sorry for all I ever did wrong.

Thank you, though.

You showed me what I deserve and what I don’t.

Thank you for opening my eyes.

Thank you for taking my heart.

Now someone else can fill it in.

Sorry and thank you.


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