How To Get Better At Saving Money

By Kimberly Ayon

Most students in high school are juggling work with their academics. But out of all these students, how many actually save up their money? Though admirable, setting aside parts of a paycheck can be a brutal chore to do.

Personally, I struggle plenty with saving money. Despite being young and not having to worry about bills yet, it is important to start planning for what lies ahead: college tuition fees, textbooks, car gas, etc. For instance, as a senior, I know I will be attending a plethora of senior activities such as prom and Grad Nite. However, how am I supposed to pay for all these remarkable activities if I can’t seem to save up any money?

Lucky for you, there are several ways in which you can begin saving money today. You can start to keep a journal or simply record your expenses. Simply tracking how much money you spent in a month can go a long way. Whether it be something as tiny as coffee or pencils or even a single Coffee Bean cookie, it must go noticed. If you’re not keeping note of every expense, how can you really see how much money is being spent and where it is going? Next, you must give yourself a reasonable and just budget. Monthly expenses and earnings must be taken into consideration when setting a budget for yourself. Set saving goals and start changing your aspect towards the things you spend on and start being more responsible; maybe you don’t really need the $5 Starbucks drink or that $20 lipstick. Another tip, make saving money easier for yourself with automatic transfers by moving money out of your checking account. In fact, you’ll be less likely to spend money you wanted to use for savings. An advantage of having a credit card is that there are many options for setting up transfers. You have different options in which you can put your money: you can split your direct deposit between your checking and saving accounts to contribute to your savings with each paycheck you get. The last and most rewarding step is to watch your savings grow and continue on a steady incline. It’s important to check on your progress every month. Not only will this method help you save up on your personal savings plan, but this keeps track of any problem you might encounter. With these simple steps, you can easily start collecting your money and putting it to good use in the future.

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