Winter Assembly 2k16

By Kim Aguilar

This year’s 2016 Winter Assembly—filled with an immense deal of talent and holiday cheer— was definitely a success. Starting of, our very own ASB performed a surprise flash mob with spirited dancing elves. Following performances included Ms. Rivera and Mia Rivera singing beautifully to “Christmas Comes to Town”, our Jazz band busting some tunes, and outstanding performances by choir and cheer team. Tiller Buddies joined in on stage in an adorable, Hawaiian-themed Christmas performance. Next up came the musically talented Melanie Mercado, who sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” To keep up the entertaining pace of the show, both of our award-winning dance teams came onto the stage to dance to “Hey Santa.” After a successful performance, All-Male came back, dashingly dressed in handsome suspenders and sunglasses, for an encore. The last of Tustin High’s student talents included the stunning Giselle Duarte singing “Youth” by Daughter and the creative Alex Martinez performing his original song, “Her.” Both students had the crowd extremely impressed and received long applauses and supportive cheers. Overall, this assembly was not one to be missed— we were all blown away by the talent and effort put into it. Great work to everyone from the Tiller student body and faculty.


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