The Giver’s United Club

By Jair Martinez

The Giver’s United club at Tustin High School is made to help out the community and encourage people to contribute along the way. They know that even the smallest deed, like recycling, helps the community. Right now, they are working on implementing boxes in every classroom to collect bottles and cans so that the members of the club can collect them weekly, Tuesday through Friday, but what exactly is their goal and what do they hope to accomplish?

The most known reasons why people do community service is because of school credit or court ordered community service, but the Giver’s United club have a passion for improving our beloved Tustin. Flor Solano, a cabinet member of the club said that “The purpose of this club is to give back to the community. In terms of being a united front together as a team and giving back to the community as a whole”. Their goal is to work hard on refine our community as a “united front”, knowing that the most important thing in a good community is that we, the citizens, contribute to it.

The Giver’s United have a variety of projects to help reach these goals, one being their recycling project. Givers United club president Sapna Bhakta shares that the project is to raise money to pay for “shampoos, conditioners, feminine hygiene products, and other toiletries for a shelter in Irvine called the Women’s Emergency Options Shelter”. In the past, the club has been able to raised nine hundred canned foods and over a hundred rice boxes that they took to the Orange County Rescue Mission for their December dinner. This club stops at nothing to be able to help support charities all over the county.

Not only do they desire to help our community, but they stride to make a difference in our world. For example, climate change and deforestation are two major problems that the world is dealing with today, and the Giver’s United won’t just stand around and do nothing. Keyla Rodriguez, another one of the cabinet members of the club, mentioned that, “We are working on  projects with Turtle Rock Nature Center and doing community service there, such as tree planting”.

The Giver’s United have certainly set an example that we should all follow, because as they have showed us over and over, no deed is too small or too big. It does not take much to contribute to their cause. Even donating bottles and cans to the Giver’s United recycling boxes can help them make a difference. Some of their future projects include tree planting, a clothing drive, and more recycling projects, so contribute to their cause, and be a giver.

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