Get Lit on Redhill Ave

By Karley Bailey and Nayeli Medina

There’s no place like home for the holidays, there is no denying that. The warm, cozy embraces of distant relatives, that give us a nostalgic feeling of being a child in those same arms; The large, comfy, cable-knit sweaters, that are our savior from the shivering cold; And of course, the glory of those presents stacked underneath the Douglas Fir your family specifically picked out at the local Christmas tree farm. What beautiful traditions this season brings, so why would anyone not want to spend the Holidays at home?

During the holiday season, the people of Tustin tend to gravitate towards places like Disneyland or Balboa Peninsula for the annual Boat Parade. And yes, you can argue that Orange County is abundant with amusement parks and admirable scenery. Yet this is an immense amount of travelling and money spending for one month. And since Tustin is a rather small area, people are led to believe that there is no Holiday entertainment available. Yet contrary to this belief, Tustin possesses a hidden abundance of decadent holiday lights found in the North Tustin area.



Christmas lights have always been a hallmark on homes for the holiday spirit and Tustin is no exception. Across the street from Redhill Lutheran Church on Redhill Ave and Olwyn Street, you’ll find a marvelous display of Christmas lights dangling from every home along with hundreds of lights illuminating the front yards of the residents who have been doing every year for Christmas. Many of these homes set out small statues recreating the birth of Jesus, beloved animated characters such as Mickey Mouse and Yoda, various versions of Santa Clauses, and some houses even set out snacks for children and everybody else to enjoy.


This magnificent show of lights will easily entertain children of all ages and will even bring out the kid in every one of us. The Christmas spirit becomes so overpowering that it will make you forget all of your stresses, even if only for an hour or so. On the corner of Olwyn street and Laburnum, you’ll find a display of lights synced up to the Christmas music coming from the house. If you continue on the same street, you’ll be surprised to find the malicious face of The Grinch and a booth dedicated for “Time Out”.  



This “Christmas Central” is something you will hardly find anywhere else in Tustin, and it is all thanks to the neighborhood for contributing something so special to the community. So, make sure to visit this spectacle of lights and don’t forget to drink some hot chocolate and animal crackers to get the full experience!

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