Winter Concert

By Camille Yost

This past Friday, Tustin High held its annual winter concert and, naturally,  the sports pavilion was filled with beautiful, harmonious sounds. Under the direction of instrumental director Michael Fisk, vocal director David Peay, and co-director/accompanist Corey Hirsch, Tustin High’s band, orchestra, and chorus all performed for the audience.

Tustin High’s band started the night off with a beautiful performance of “Bells of Joy” and then continued with “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The crowd filled with parents and children were clearly pleased with the classic holiday tunes being played by our talented students. Children were smiling and dancing to the music and parents were taking pictures, proud of their children up on stage.


Orchestra and choir made appearances and performed classic Christmas songs such as “Trepak” from “The Nutcracker” and “Merry Christmas, Darling”.  The Voices of Tustin also made an appearance with Tustin High’s chorus. Towards the end of the night, band, chorus, and orchestra came together to perform “Season’s Greetings”. It was obvious that these students have talent and put a lot of effort into what they do. Band member, Kevin Balbuena stated, “During a performance week I usually practice everyday until the concert, but on a regular week, I practice three times a week.” These students display true dedication and passion in their music and it definitely showed through in their performance.

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