Spirit Week

By Kim Aguilar

Hey Tillers! This week, ASB has organized your chance to get to show your school spirit. We’re kicking off the week before winter break with a lazy, PJ’s Monday. Just roll out of bed and go to school with the literal  “I woke up like this” look. On Tuesday, take some time to actually plan your outfit and find a friend to twin it with you while you’re at it. Don’t worry, it’s definitely acceptable and not at all tacky since it’s for school spirit purposes. Wednesday, get excited for the holidays by wearing a holiday hat to school. Don’t be a grinch (unless that’s your choice of hat). Thursday, celebrate candy canes and the winter season by wearing red and white. You’ll sure look “sweet.” Finally, the Friday before break, rock the ugliest sweater you can find. The uglier the better.

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