A Gift of Life

By Alena Tran

Every blood drive serves as a call of action. Although there are those who cannot donate for whatever health reasons, there are also many of us who are perfectly capable. An estimation of 38% people in the U.S. are eligible to donate blood, but out of this number, only 10% of them choose to do so. Those who choose to subject themselves to possible fatigue and weariness— for whatever reason, whether it be donating because someone from ASB asked you to, because you wanted to get out of class, or simply because you believe it’s the right thing to do—ultimately contributes to a great, life-saving cause that not many are a part of.

ASB’s Ahmed Musa, a senior, explains that “the reason we host blood drives [feels obvious]; it’s just the right thing to do. We’re helping ourselves [by contributing and building character] but simultaneously [saving] others. The blood that you donate can be given to patients and can be essential to helping victims of crises like the earthquake in Haiti.”He continues, “I have a lot of fun helping out with the donation process too. I really like holding people’s hands. Like, as soon as the needle goes in, they start clutching onto you. And they look at you so sincerely, like ‘please protect me’ and I’m like ‘I got you, don’t trip.’ [laughs]”

Evidently, blood drives are a great way to interact and give back to the community, especially for young people, who are the most prone to feelings of helplessness when it comes to community service. It also exemplifies how naturally most people are willing to help. As Ahmed mentioned, ASB is in charge of looking after donors, and the dedication and genuine concern for anyone donating is very admirable.

ASB has out-performed themselves in hosting a very successful blood drive. This is a major accomplishment since each pint of blood donated adds up to save hundreds.

Take 10-30 minutes out of your day and give someone the gift of life. The next blood drive will be announced by ASB and you are highly encouraged to participate. Keep in mind that prior, you must fill out a permission slip if you are 17 or under, you must drink and eat to prevent any major exhaustion, and you must weigh at least 110 pounds. Also, there may be health risks so consult with the volunteers before going into the process. Otherwise, if you’re all set, kudos to you and your contribution.

ASB and LifeStream will gladly have you the next time around!

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