Trumped-Up Protests

By Kimberly Ayon

On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States. Naturally, there were people that aren’t delighted with the outcome. However, unlike past elections, there is a clear division; you’re either with Donald Trump, or you’re not.

In fact, there have been a plethora of protests across the nation. As the days and weeks go on, chants produced by passionate opposers can be heard echoing throughout the streets. I came across one of the protests in Santa Ana and paused to observe. The scene was baffling; the majority of the people there were just recording on their phones trying to fish out Instagram likes, rather than actually trying to make a change. Also, the protest caused major traffic, forcing the police to get involved. As time went on and people grew bored, they decided to make their way into the streets and began to run. The chants the protesters cried out were not those of angry, reasonable activists, rather, whiny children who didn’t get what they want. Although the protest started out as a peaceful one, not everyone had the same mindset. Looking around, I quickly realized some people weren’t there to protest; they were there with the intention of causing ruckus. There were people throwing stuff, blocking streets, and annoying policemen. As I started to walk more with the crowd of young teenagers, I also noticed they were just there to shout ridiculous things for a “trendy” Snapchat story. An individual who stuck out to me among the crowd, was a young girl shouting, “Is this really going to change the fact that Donald Trump is our new president?” Soon after, some protesters started getting violent and challenging the policemen. After that, I’d had enough and decided to leave. To my dismay, it wasn’t really a peaceful protest after all.



There are several alternatives in which people can express their opinions and beliefs. A movement is only effective if many people participate. These protesters, in particular, chose to do so in a public and scandalous way that did the opposite of what it was intended to do. Instead of pushing the movement forward, they simply caused disruptions.

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